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Welcome to Procurement Outsourcing Partner

your trusted partner for managing your procurement activities.

We will bring added value and convert your procurement to become a key factor, driving competitive advantage and success for your company.

We will help you to achieve measurable and sustainable savings, optimize spending and build and maintain strong long term relationships with your suppliers.

Trust, reliability, and continuous improvement are our key values and success formulas.

What means procurement outsourcing?

Procurement outsourcing means that an external partner is taking over the day to day management of suppliers, categories and various procurement functions like strategic sourcing, supplier relationship management and order management. The cooperation with the clients is long term oriented and will bring significant value without big changes in the internal infrastructure and quite low set up cost. Companies mostly outsource functions either when they wish to engage resources in core activities, or they don’t have the capacity to manage efficiently those activities. The external partner will provide expertise and market knowledge about the categories and will add value to the procurement.

Why do you need Procurement Outsourcing Partner?

By using the Procurement Outsourcing Partner companies can improve the existing procurement practices, achieve additional savings, manage better the suppliers and increase their performance level and innovation. As a bridge between supplier and customer, we will build strong relationship to both sides, which is a key factor to success. An external partner plays a key role when the customer doesn’t have the resources at high level of expertise in managing all their suppliers, procurement transactions and solve complex procurement cases. Procurement Outsourcing Partner will take over the management of the procurement functions and release customer’s resources in order to focus on their core business.

Procurement Outsourcing Partner and the clients

Understanding client’s needs is key factor for our success. Our experts will develop a lasting relationship with the clients and act as a trusted partner in different areas by managing the procurement on behalf of our customers. We customize the service level concerning the needs of our clients so as to offer an unique portfolio to meet your expectations. We work closely with the client with the purpose to achieve a fully understanding of the client’s company, vision and business strategies. We identify together with the stakeholders their requirements towards procurement optimization and supplier management. We work for identifying opportunities for continuous improvement.

Near shore and offshore outsourcing in Bulgaria

If you plan to relocate your procurement department to a low cost country like Bulgaria, but keep it within your company, we will lead you through the entire relocation process. We will find qualified staff needed, office building according your requirements and help you to register your company’s branch. We work with different well-established international partners operating in Bulgaria like lawyers, accountants, governmental institutions, HR agencies, which can provide on demand additional services.