Our approach

Towards our customers

Procurement Outsourcing Partner works closely with our clients in order to achieve a fully understanding of the client’s company, vision, mission and targets, business strategies, short-, mid- and long-term goals. We identify together with the stakeholders their requirements and needs towards procurement optimization and supplier management.

Digging deeply into the process is our approach to analyze the real cause of the problem. We look for opportunities for continuous improvement.


Our experts will develop a long term relationship with the clients and act as a trusted partner in different procurement areas by managing the procurement on customer’s behalf.

We customize the service level regarding the needs of our clients and offer you unique portfolio to meet your expectations.

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Towards your suppliers

Procurement Outsourcing Partner works with your vendors in order to add additional value to the supplier relationship. Our consultants will build mutual trust and fairness in the supplier –client relationship.

The Procurement Outsourcing Partner’s experts work closely with the supplier to develop the best solution for the customer and contribute to the mid and long term goals of the client‘s company. Our desire is to ensure that your suppliers are providing the best performance and expertise at the lowest cost, because the quality and the additional value of the supplier’s services and products are integral part of the client’s success. We act as supplier’s trusted partner in case of difficulties and issues.


Our new approach toward the supplier is creating an open communication and information sharing. We encourage the suppliers to bring their best to develop innovative solutions. We teach them to be not only active, but pro- active with bringing upfront new ideas. Our experts work with the suppliers to convert those ideas into real outcome.

We take over the daily communication with your supplier and play the role as a "bridge" between our clients and the supplier. We involve the supplier in customer’s goals, needs and expectations. On the other side we discuss with the supplier his ideas about new innovations, process improvements and new cost saving initiatives in order to communicate them effectively to the client.

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