Offshoring or known as business process relocation means that a company is relocating a department or a business process like manufacturing, customer service from one country to another.

Benefits of Offshoring to Bulgaria

  • From reduced labor costs to historically lower costs for businesses;
  • Better availability of qualified staff and increasing speed to market.
  • EU membership since 2007 and attractive geographical location.

The good conditions for offshoring to Bulgaria have been identified by many international companies that have expanded some of their Bulgarian branches significantly during the last couple of years. This refers to companies like HP, Coca-Cola, CSC, etc.

How we support you

Procurement Outsourcing Partner‘s focus is to support customers who are willing to relocate their activity to Bulgaria. The most of our customers are located in West Europe and benefit from the lower labor cost and the qualified staff in East Europe.

We support you through the main steps of the relocation:

  1. Staff selection in Bulgaria.
  2. Company/branch registration in Bulgaria.
  3. Office selection.

Our strength remains in the procurement functions relocation, but we are currently expanding our portfolio and offer relocation services of other functions as well.

We work together with certified local and international partners in order to provide additional services and minimize any administrative or legal hassle:

  • Macroeconomic information;
  • Legal advice;
  • Information on operational costs;
  • Regional data on unemployment, availability of skilled labor force, level of education, infrastructure, foreign investors and industrial zones;
  • Identification of potential suppliers, subcontractors or joint venture partners
  • Individual administrative services
  • Contacts with the central and the local authorities;
  • Contacts with industry chambers, local universities and NGOs organizations.