Procurement Outsourcing Partner: your trusted partner for managing your procurement activities

Our company

Procurement Outsourcing Partner ltd. is more than a consulting company specialized in the field of procurement. We act as your partner managing part or all of your procurement activities on customer’s behalf. We aim to build strong long term relations with our clients and their suppliers, based on a culture of openness and trust.

Procurement Outsourcing Partner applies an innovative approach to lead our customers to achieve better visibility into cost, build strong supplier relationships, and get the best performance and innovation from the vendors.

Procurement Outsourcing Partner will help our clients to take the right sourcing decisions, save time and money.

Our team

Times are rapidly changing, the environment is global and uncertain, bringing new limits, challenges and opportunities to the procurement.

Our experts have the necessary knowledge and extensive experience needed for driving a successful procurement in the new dynamic environment. Our team brings know-how from different industries, in order to meet the different expectations towards the procurement.

Procurement Outsourcing Partner works in a close collaboration with our customers and their suppliers to achieve a win-win relationship and confidence for both parties. Our consultants invest enough time in understanding customer’s goals and expectations, and to ensure that the suppliers will be aligned with them.

Our clients

We work with customers from all industries and all geographic regions. Each customer has different procurement needs and requires a different approach. We understand those differences and apply customized approach to every client to support his unique product categories, organization and processes.

Our clients are companies, who choose us as trusted partner for managing all or part of their procurement activities, benefit from our professional advices and intend to improve existing procurement practices.

Our goal is to build long-term successful collaborations with our clients, usually 3-6 years or more.

Our vision

Our vision is to make our customers successful. Our consultants work to exceed customers’ expectations and convert the procurement in our client’s organization to be key driver for innovation, cost saving, differentiation and company’s success.Our goal is to build strong supplier-customer relation, based on mutual trust, understanding each other’s needs, working as partners for achieving common goals.

Trust, reliability and innovative thinking are our key values and success formulas.