Today procurement is converted to one of the most important and strategic functions in the company, a key driver to the company’s success and competitive advantage. Procurement today is facing many challenges, due to the changes of the environment.

Procurement got more complex in a global, dynamic environment

The business has changed. Today the most operational and non-core activities are outsourced outside the company. More and more often productions are largely outsourced to low cost countries.

What remains within the company is the management of suppliers, which are playing the key role for the corporate success.

Supplier relationship management can be a very complex task, as the company works today with many suppliers in different geographical regions, languages and time zones. The choice of suppliers has broadened due to the modern communication technologies, which provides a possibility to work with a wide range of world globe suppliers. Furthermore many companies loose full control over their procurement.

Procurement faces many opportunities, but also different types of challenges.

  • Procurement Outsourcing Partner will bring back the full control over your procurement.
  • Procurement Outsourcing Partner offers a new innovative approach to drive value and build trusted relations between suppliers and customers.
  • Our experts have the essential skills, experience and competence to drive the procurement to success in an uncertain, dynamic and global environment.
  • Procurement Outsourcing Partner helps you to select the best supplier and optimize the number of existing suppliers.
  • Procurement Outsourcing Partner will help you to classify your suppliers and choose the right supplier management strategy for each of them.
  • Procurement Outsourcing Partner offers you first class supplier management, based on mutual trust, open communication and continuous innovations.

Lack of resources

Many companies don’t have enough resources and competence to manage all suppliers.

We offer a wide range of bright experts with different business backgrounds who will take over the management of your core and non-core suppliers by getting additional value for your business from their business.

Procurement needs to work cross-functional

Procurement needs to work not only with your suppliers, but also with your internal quality, technology, R&D, marketing and finance departments. Having said that, all departments have different expectations towards procurement.

  • Procurement Outsourcing Partner listens to the needs of the different departments and converts them into adequate procurement action plans.
  • Procurement Outsourcing Partner uses their input to improve the relationship with the suppliers and implement specific requirements in the processes.
  • Improving the communication with your suppliers, we will ensure that the supplier listens and understands the stakeholder’s needs, strategy, goals and meanwhile, the customer will understand supplier’s innovations, ideas, initiatives.

Procurement today is not only price reduction

Today procurement employees are not anymore the "bad boys" who often put the suppliers under pressure to reduce the price. The modern procurement is focused on building "win-win" relationship with the supplier, based on mutual trust and a long term perspective. Moreover the modern procurement is focused in achieving added value for the company through the supplier-client relationship. Procurement is turned into a strategic function for the company and a key driver to a long-term competitive advantage.

  • Procurement Outsourcing Partner will help you to establish a long-term relationship with your suppliers, who are fully involved in your long term strategy and receive continuous support.
  • On the other hand we monitor and improve continuously the supplier performance in order to ensure that your supplier brings the best performance.
  • Our aim is to build win-win relationship with your supplier, because it motivates the supplier to perform better and contribute to your company’s success.
  • Our focus is to achieve the supplier engagement to support the corporate objectives in the most efficient way.

The competition is getting more aggressive than ever

The competitors are getting more aggressive and innovative. You need to beat them by purchasing on the lowest prices and the highest quality required, best on time delivery and the most efficient supply chain. Even more the supplier needs to be highly innovative and dynamic.

  • Procurement Outsourcing Partner helps you to optimize your spend and cost structure and improve your price models.
  • Procurement Outsourcing Partner works with your suppliers to implement different innovative cost saving initiatives.
  • Procurement Outsourcing Partner thinks comprehensively and acts cross functionally. In addition, we all see saving opportunities not only in price reductions, but in many other areas.
  • Procurement Outsourcing Partner involves the suppliers in your product innovations and new product introductions, goals and expectations.
  • Procurement Outsourcing Partner encourages the suppliers to be proactive,providing innovative ideas, cost saving initiatives and process improvements.

High pressure on delivering significant savings

One of your main activities in your procurement department is achieving the cost saving targets.

This can be demanding, especially for the suppliers you have long-term partnerships with and you have already implemented various cost saving initiatives.

  • Our fresh ideas and creative thinking will help you. We involve in the cost saving initiatives different departments from your company like your R&D, engineering and logistics. We involve the supplier in the early stage where we all together discuss possible saving initiatives. Furthermore, we will motivate your supplier to be proactive in providing his ideas. After we will define a list of possible initiatives for cost reductions in order to prioritize them and track the fulfillment and the final cost saving result.
  • By moving your procurement function to Bulgaria you can get advantage of the competitive labour cost, some of the most favorable tax rates in EU, and very attractive prices for renting offices, buildings and zero tariff market within the EU region.

Low-cost country sourcing (LCCS) strategy brings a lot of challenges

Before making a decision where to go for sourcing, you need a deep analysis, because the sourcing strategy from low cost countries can bring not only advantages, but also various risks involved. That being said, delivery problems, high transportation costs, lack of visibility and control, bad quality, loosing of intellectual property and bad communication are only part of the major risks you could have if you don’t select the best sourcing strategy.

  • Our consultants will help you to make the right decision. We will define the risks for low cost sourcing, find the opportunities and provide you all information needed to make the final decision.

Continuous improvement of your business model needed

The business environment is changing rapidly. In order to beat the competitors, you need to be highly innovative, offer best class products and services. This means, that you need to improve continuously your business model and your relations with partners.

  • Procurement Outsourcing Partner will help you to react quickly to the change of the global economic environment and adapt your business model on it.
  • Procurement Outsourcing Partner will analyze your current procurement models, tools, reporting, systems, processes in order to identify improvement opportunities and implement them, by leading your company smoothly through the changes.
  • Procurement Outsourcing Partner will conduct improvements and innovations at your suppliers as well. The services and products, offered by them need to be innovative, qualitative, and available in a lowest cost form.

Long term thinking is essential

  • Our approach will ensure that your procurement and corporate needs are met over the long term.
  • Our consultants will help you to build long-term relationships with your suppliers.
  • Procurement Outsourcing Partner will involve your suppliers in your long-term goals and your vision for the future.
  • We engage with you over a longer period of time like 3, 5 or 10 years and even more.